The Prodigy Dance Crew


Kay More- Artistic Director and Founder

Kay More is a creative director and choreographer - heading up Aktualize Entertainment, The Prodigy Dance Crew, and SOSDA Hip Hop Las Vegas. She has led The Prodigy to a gold, silver and bronze medal at the USA Hip Hop Dance Championships in the jr division in 2011,12 and 15. She has also coached them through 3 World Championships, 3 World of Dance victories in the Youth Division, and prepared them for adult competitions such as Hip Hop Internationals Megacrew Division, and World of Dance's first ever Invite only World Finals held in 2015 in Los Angeles. She has choreographed for Google, American Express, Puma, IBM, the UNLV Rebel Girls, Treasure Island, Best Agency, UCLA, WCLC Allstar Football Game Halftime show, Redken, Paul Mitchell, Clarks Shoes and the Las Vegas Rock n Roll Marathon with Robin Leech. 

     She also holds a BA from UCLA in World Arts and Cultures with a Dance concentraion and emphasis on Choreography. Her eccletic dance background includes intensive training in the hip hop styles, breaking, tricking, contortion, acrobatics, rhythmic gymnastics, world dances, and classical ballet (including a scholarship to train intensively at Steps NYC for 6months, following the 6years she already spent in an ammatuer ballet company through her jr high and high school years). She also was involved in the competitive artistic sports of gymnastics and diving as a kid, that influenced her strategic way of looking at artisic forms of competition. Inspired since day 1 by movement, fascinated by physical activities in general, and being an experimentalist by nature, choreography, direction and production was really the only choice for her. Kay enjoys working with dancers of The Prodigy's age because of their open minds and ability to believe in reaching a potential in themselves that is higher than has ever been reached before.


The Jrs- Ages 8-12 yrs

The Varsity- Ages 13-18 yrs


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